Founded and designed by Einat Iosefzon, eios Jewelry is a fashionable, eclectic and hand made jewelry brand, that is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. 
The designs showcase movement, sophistication, versatility and creativity. 

After being a professional dancer that lived in NYC for 6 years, my main inspirations for my designs come from modern dance, metropolitan cities architecture and energy, and NYC in particular. All that combined with my love for fashion brings you these bold, unique and sophisticated jewelry.

My goal was to make jewelry that will showcase the diverse personality in each and every woman in this modern day. The collections have a wide range of style and you can find pieces that are edgy and bold next to minimalistic and more classic designs. 

Crafted by an assortment of delicate metals and textile, eios jewelry is created to elevate and upgrade your wardrobe. The contemporary world makes women be more, and not settle for mediocracy. We are extraordinary. 
Can be  worn alone, layered with coordinating pieces from the collection or paired with jewelry from your own closet. 

So what are you waiting for? it's time to show a powerful YOU. 

I can't wait to see what you gonna pick...