Our studio is located in Tel- Aviv, Israel.

My goal was to bring my biggest inspirations into this space; therefore, I created a 5 sense experience for each customer who walks in the door.

I used to live in NYC for 6 years, and even though I got back to Israel years ago, the memory of the city and its rhythm still stays in my mind. As a former dancer, the primary role models I looked up to hold a significant part of my design process—Feminine, courageous, and bold.

I feel that my personal eclectic style is well presented in my pieces and in the space where I create, make, and sell. It's the best reflection of me.

My jewelry fits a wide range of ages and personas.

One of my favorite things is to meet my customers face to face and build their own personalized collection that fits their own needs and style.

So what are your waiting for- let's meet up!

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